A Message from the Dean

Faculty of Public Health's curricula focus on student-centered learning, which urges students to develop more researches, allow them to participate as much as possible in the learning process (active learning), and promote their learning skills outside of the classrooms e.g. conducting a field trip to encourage them to earn new experiences outside of the university. Additionally, we have devoted ourselves to conducting well-acclaimed researches at national and international levels, providing academic services for communities and society, promoting art and culture, as well as playing a key role in producing well-equipped graduates with knowledge, and virtue under the concept of “GREATS PEOPLE GREATS CAMPUSES” to serve the society in all aspects with the Spirit of Thammasat (GREATS).

Associate Professor Dr. Sasitorn Taptagaporn
Dean, Faculty of Public Health

About FPH

History of the Faculty of Public Health

There was an approval on the agenda to establish the Faculty of Public Health as an independent institute under the direction of Thammasat University. on 1 September 2005.


The Faculty of Public Health's Office of International Programs (OIP) is home to various research and academic service units as well as its international graduate study programs.


OIP enjoys a unique position of being a regional and global focal point for Thammasat University’s Faculty of Public Health with collaborative relationships with academic, professional, and citizen communities.

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